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Honey is the sweetest pup


We're so pleased with our puppy. She adjusted quickly to her new home, and has a friendly, sweet temperament that wins over all who meet her. We've even brought her to our therapy office a few times, where she seems to have a gift for helping people relax and smile. Working with Ivan was a pleasure, start to finish. He's a knowledgeable, kind and honest breeder. Honey is a healthy, happy pup that we know will grow into a wonderful dog for our family.

We Couldn’t Be Happier With Our Puppy Dolly!


We got Dolly about 3 months ago and she has been the best dog we could have asked for. She has the most perfect temperament and is the perfect size. She can sleep for 18 hours a day but she can also play the whole day away! After tragically losing our last puppy she has absolutely healed our hearts 🧡

Our baby girl Goldie (formerly Yarow)


Our family is complete. we adopted baby Yarow from Stony Meadows 10 days ago. she is a joy and the best baby girl I could ask for. Ivan was wonderful and a pleasure to work with. He is very courteous and professional. she fit right in with the rest of the family and everyone's in love with her. I wish I could adopt all of them and i hope they rest of them find loving homes soon. thank you again Ivan and God bless you and your family.

Thank you!


Our little Bella (formerly Charity) has brought so much joy to our family! She is sweet, smart and has such a wonderful personality. Ivan was a pleasure to deal with from the first phone call to our pick up day. She is our first family pup and we couldn’t be happier!



I'm absolutely thrilled with my Golden Retriever puppy, Willow Rose (formerly Silky). She is just as sweet as she can be and a real "velcro" puppy. Loves to play with her fur-baby siblings. Ivan was a joy to deal with and I have already forwarded Stony Meadows information to a friend who fell in love with Willow when she saw her Photo.



We named her Ginger, we call her "Little G". She has brought so much joy to our lives and we couldn't be happier to have this new addition to our family. She has a fun personality, a lot of energy and can be stubborn at times :). She is a real treat and you can take comfort in knowing she has a good home. 

Wonderful puppy


We love our mini retriever. The adoption was easy.. Here is Appa. Thanks to Ivan and his wonderful family!

Thank you Ivan for my little princess


I've always wanted a pet, specifically a puppy and thanks to Ivan my dreams came true. I'm in love with my little Zoey (Biewer Yorkshire Terrier). She is so sweet and smart and I am learning so much from her. She loves to play but she mostly loves to nap and watch t.v beside me on the couch. lol.

Thank you!!


I just wanted to share a few pictures of Pete with you. He has been such a blessing and I can't wait to get another! I know you said on the phone last night that there was just a litter of mini goldens - which parents is that litter again? I would possibly be interested if Abe was the sire. I love his look and color! 


Thank you, 




Ryder has been doing great with our family and has been a really good boy to train. His behavoirs seem very friendly like a golden and looks like a small golden, but he definitely has a lot of spaniel in him as well. Our pure, large golden is very retriever-ish with his silliness and wanting to have something in his mouth, but Ryder mimics a lot of spaniel hunting-dog type traits that I don't see in Kolbe. For example, Ryder is more prone to barking, pointing with his front foot, chasing small animals and shaking toys in his mouth. It's very interesting just to see all of the similarities and differences. His size is amazing and he is more gentle with us, conscientious and snuggly than even our full sized golden. If we could have 3 Ryders, we'd do it yesterday. As you can tell, we also kept his name since it suited him so well. Here's some pictures of him now!

Merry Christmas

THANK YOU IVAN. Maazi Milo (Formally Conner)


We have had Maazi since September 30, 2022. Our home hasn't been the same since. It is like he has always been a part of the family. We love him unconditionally. Thank you, Ivan for always checking in to see how he is doing.



I can not say enough about our Jinx, he gets along with my other 2 dogs and them him, he is really fond of my 13 year old male Lab and never stops playing with my 2 year old Lab mix. Thank you for being a great first dad to Jinx!!

Best Wishes


We hope your family is happy and healthy. We got (Sage) now Piper, from you back in March and she’s coming up on her 1st Birthday on January 31. She is the sweetest, most beautiful girl. We love her very much. The puppy stage was challenging, but she is maturing very nicely:) Happy Holidays!

Lucy Lou (Formerly Gemma)


My grandson has been asking for a puppy for a couple of years! We surprised him with a Miniature Golden Retriever on 14 Dec 22, he is so happy! A smile has been plastered on his face since we surprised him with Lucy; AKA: Gemma Lucy has adjusted so well! She took right to my grandson and has been spending every waking moment with him playing and snuggling on the couch. She Is definitely a quality pup! Everyone compliments her beautiful features, she gets along well with the other dogs & kids in the family Ivan, I can’t thank you enough! All of your puppies looked so well taken care of, it was hard to just pick one!! I appreciate you returning my phone call so quickly, you were kind, professional and informative! I will definitely refer my family/friends to Stoney Meadows & hope to do business with you again!!!

Ginger (previously named Amber)



Ginger (Amber) is doing great and adjusting well to us and her new home. She loves to snuggle and take long naps on the couch! 

Thank you!


Our puppy Nori is doing great, she is acclimating really well and has been a joy! 

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