Quality with Integrity is our goal.


Producing top quality puppies while exemplifying the Christian values of honesty & integrity, providing a positive experience for everyone involved.

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Cavaliers, Mini Goldens, Biewers… wait, what’s a Mini Golden? Or a Biewer? Biewer Terrier that is. It all started back in 2017, when we stumbled across a designer breed idea, and the longer we thought about it, the more we wondered, why isn’t anybody doing this mix breed?

After some extensive research, we found a few breeders scattered throughout the country that we’re marketing, miniature, golden retrievers, and out of those few only one or two, were doing it with “our” idea of a cross. Most of them never returned our phone calls, but we finally connected with one that was not only willing to talk about her breed, but actually had puppies for sale! As they say, the rest is history. Five years later, we have several second and third generation breeder females.

As for the Biewer terriers, it’s pronounced "beaver". As of January 2021, the Biewer terrier is recognized as an AKC registered Purebreed. We are excited to have some in our kennel with plans to pursue and further, this breed, focusing on show standards, and genetic health testing to promote the purity of the breed.

We take our commitment to quality very seriously. We believe that you can have the nicest kennel set up, but if you do not spend quality time with your dogs, they will not be well socialized. We can walk into our kennel with a stranger, and hold a normal conversation without having to hold our hands over our ears. This is something that makes us different from many other breeders.

We also would like you to know that we sell a full line of puppy supplies, including dog food. If you have any questions, or would like more information on products we offer you can call us at any time.